Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Review: The Duck Song by Bryant Oden

The Duck Song
Author: Bryant Oden Illustrations by Forrest Whaley
Publisher: Flinders Press
Pages: 31
Released: September 2010
Source: I was given this book by Flinders Press for my honest review, which is the only kind of review I am willing to give. 
Summary: With the touch of a button on the cover, children will be singing The Duck Song as this musical book tells the comical story of a persistent duck that pleads for grapes at the most unlikely of places: a lemonade stand.  A comical tale of persistence and compassion, adults and children alike will delight in listening to this one-of-a-kind singing book, and reading it again and again.  Also included is a music CD, The Duck Song and More Fun Songs, with 12 original children's songs by Bryant Oden.  Featured songs include the hits " I Got A Pea," "Honey Bear," "The Duck Song #2," and more!
This book came in the mail and became an instant hit in my home.  Not only does my 6 year old son love it, my 11 year old daughter does as well.  I have to admit that The Duck Song is an adorable book that I have enjoyed reading to my son many times.  He also loves the song~ it is very catchy.  After the story make sure to look in the back of the book for the section that explains why the duck asks the man at the lemonade stand for grapes.  I think that was actually my favorite part of the book.  The illustrations are so cute and I was impressed to find out that Forrest Whaley was only 14 years old when he animated the music to The Duck Song.  You can view the book trailer at
If you have little ones in your life I think this would be an excellent addition to their library.  I know I plan to to spread The Duck Song around this Christmas.


  1. I was to review this and the author was unresponsive to the agency and the book was pulled! I was so upset! My girls would have loved it! ( : Looks like I can't go wrong by buying it ( :

  2. Bummer! Well it is definitely worth the money. Adorable!


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