Thursday, January 27, 2011

Third Line Thursday (5)Out of the Transylvania Night by Aura Imbarus

Out of the Transylvania Night
Author: Aura Imbarus
Third Line Thursday Page 183

Since we wouldn't be buying much in LA when we arrived, I had to fit enough to get by on into two suitcases. I knew I couldn't last six months without my most precious books, so I would fill one suitcase with those and other possessions I couldn't live without. As I selected what to take and what to leave, memories of my childhood somersaulted in my mind.

My thoughts - I would have a hard time leaving my books behind as well. 

  My simple rules for Third Line Thursday are as follows: Pick up the book you are currently reading, go to chapter 3 or page 3 or any page or chapter with a 3(13, 23, ect.) then type in the third line (sentence) from that page. See simple!

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