Saturday, May 14, 2011

On My Wishlist (8) Silver Moon, Girl Parts

Silver Moon
Author: Rebecca A. Rogers
Released: April 25, 2011
Summary from Goodreads:
For seventeen-year-old Candra Lowell, senior year is supposed to be the time of her life. It’s not supposed to include being shipped off to her aunt and uncle’s house for 'her own good'. Whatever that means. There’s only bad news from this experience—when she learns she’ll go from human to werewolf in a few months. Complete with an inherited unique power.

At her aunt and uncle's house, Candra is plagued with nightmares of a whispering forest and glowing eyes, and a shadowy figure, who issues a warning—she needs to leave town. Candra tries to dismiss the haunting images, but when the shadowy figure appears outside of her home, Candra realizes she should've obeyed.

Candra learns the meaning of the stalker’s warnings when she discovers she’s the new favorite target of a rival pack. She isn't just a werewolf—she's a werewolf in the middle of a feud that makes the Montagues and Capulets look like best friends. She’s also made a mess of things by falling for her sworn enemy. Worse, the rival pack wants the power Candra will receive on her eighteenth birthday. To protect her family and friends, Candra can’t run or hide; she must face her foes, even if it means death.

WHY I WANT IT?  Because it sounds like a werewolf version of Romeo and Juliet! That means it has to be good, right?

 Girl Parts
Author: John M. Cusick
Release Date: August 10, 2010
Summary from Goodreads:

What happens when a robot designed to be a boy’s ideal “companion” develops a will of her own? A compulsively readable novel from a new talent.
David and Charlie are opposites. David has a million friends, online and off. Charlie is a soulful outsider, off the grid completely. But neither feels close to anybody. When David’s parents present him with a hot Companion bot designed to encourage healthy bonds and treat his “dissociative disorder,” he can’t get enough of luscious redheaded Rose — and he can’t get it soon. Companions come with strict intimacy protocols, and whenever he tries anything, David gets an electric shock. Parted from the boy she was built to love, Rose turns to Charlie, who finds he can open up, knowing Rose isn’t real. With Charlie’s help, the ideal “companion” is about to become her own best friend. In a stunning and hilarious debut, John Cusick takes rollicking aim at internet culture and our craving for meaningful connection in an uberconnected world.

WHY I WANT IT? Something about this book screams Weird Science to me! I know it's not exactly the same premiss but I'm looking forward to it anyway.

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So what's on your wishlist?


  1. Silver Moon sounds awesome! I'm always looking for interesting werewolf books and I hadn't heard of this one before. I think I've only read one or two books that had opposing packs, which is too bad considering it's a unique dynamic.

    Kaity - Bitten Books

  2. Silver moon does sound good. I also hope you enjoy Girl Parts. Hope you get both!

  3. Silver Moon sounds very interesting to me. I love werewolves. But I haven't read books that involves werewolves since Midnight by Dean Koontz and that's a long time ago:) I hope to get Silver Moon someday.


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