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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Blind Spot by Laura Ellen

Blind Spot Blog Tour Oct24-Nov02

Welcome to the next stop on the Blind Spot blog tour. Thanks so much for hosting, Shari.
What? I am so thrilled to have you here on my blog! Thank you so much for including me in this tour.
Readers, I've got to tell you Blind Spot is a great book, and I will be posting my thoughts of it here on My Neurotic Book Affair tomorrow as soon as my life calms down and my routine is somewhat returned to normal.

In honor of Halloween, we are interviewing Blind Spot's main character, Roz today -- only these
aren't your typical interview questions! If you've been over to the Winter Haven Books blog site
today, you've seen the Halloween-themed questions they are asking authors (including me!) so
we thought we'd do something similar here. We even borrowed a few questions from Winter
Haven Books (with their permission, of course.)

First a little about the book:

In Blind Spot, Roswell ‘Roz’ Hart is a 16-year-old with a visual impairment who is desperate to
prove she is ‘normal’. But when her desperation leads to stupid choices, she finds herself in the
middle of a murder investigation. Roz must figure out what happened that fatal night – a night
she can’t remember – to find the truth, even if that truth means she was involved.

Well we know from the synopsis that Roz is 16 and has a visual impairment. Who else is she?
Let’s find out:

Roz, you have a strange collection of photos on your bedroom ceiling. Can you tell the
readers what they are?

My dad is an ufologist and travels all over the place investigating UFO sightings. He sends
me copies of the alleged sightings sometimes. I like the way my vision blends all those photos
together in a blurred black and grey mass on my ceiling. To me, they sort of look like a sky full of

Ufologist? Wow! So does that mean you believe aliens exist?

I don't know really. It’s more about the pursuit to find the truth, the proof one way or another for
me and I think for my dad too. But also keeping my mind open to the idea seems a lot less scary
than not believing. If I think there is no way they exist, and then one day they arrive to take over
the planet, I’ll be standing there dumbfounded and frozen, rather than ready to mobilize and kick
some alien butt.

Does that mean you believe in other strange things too, like ghosts and werewolves?

Ghosts, yes. My favorite shows are when ghost hunters go into haunted places to either find
proof or debunk the rumors. Werewolves, no - that whole shape-shifter thing makes for good
stories, but I know enough about anatomy to know it isn't possible to switch forms like that.
Doesn’t mean there isn’t some strange species of man-wolf out there we haven’t discovered yet
– I just don’t think there are people living among us by day and then shape-shifting at night. But
I do believe in the possibility of things like Big Foot or other creatures and species we just don’t
have proof exist yet. Look at the oceans, scientists are discovering tons of new species every day
that no one knew existed.

Ghost hunting, huh? Have you ever been? And if you were to go ghost hunting, which
would you rather investigate a graveyard or haunted mansion?

Oh, I've never been but would love to. Both would be fun, but if I had to choose, I’d say haunted
mansion. According to all the ghost hunting shows I've seen, ghosts who haunt houses have
unresolved issues, that's why they’re still there. As freaky as it would be, I think I’d have more
paranormal experience in a haunted house.

While we are talking freaky experiences, which would you rather hug: a zombie or

I'd hug a zombie, Rob Zombie! :) Love him! But seriously, zombie for sure, as long as I had
something sharp in my hand.

Which of these is the scariest sound to you...owl hooting, wolf howling, or Psycho theme

I'd have to say the wind blowing. I live in Alaska and in the winter there's nothing scarier than
standing alone in the dark, snow-covered woods and hearing the wind whispering and rattling
through the sharp, naked branches.

Which scares you more...scary book or scary movie?

The print is too small in books and I hate listening to them on tape, so I prefer movies anyway -
- but I'd still say movies. Sounds can be so creepy, and I love the way movies up the scare-factor
with the music too. Eew, once I was watching this old movie called The Fly and the guy turning
into a fly was puking on his food – I shut my eyes to take the visual part away, but that sound.
Yuck! Way worse than the visual!

Sounds pretty gross! How about clowns...hug'em, kick'em, or run away?

Oh definitely not hug. Clowns are SO creepy. I mean they wear masks – painted on masks –
hello, only bad guys wear masks! I'd say kick'em though, right in the you-know-what and then
run away!
(my son is super creeped out by clowns too)

What’s your costume going to be this year?

I don't really like dressing up. My mom does - she lives for Halloween parties and stuff like that.
But I get too embarrassed and hate anything that calls attention to me. Missy, my ex-best friend
and I used to always dress up the same, and that was cool because we were doing it together,
but we don't talk anymore. I'm too old anyway for dressing up. I'll probably just hand out candy
since Mom will be out. But I do think it’d be fun to dress up like a zombie – you know if someone
else was dressing up with me.

I hear you are a bit of an academic, so here’s a fun one for our last question. Pumpkins…is
it a fruit or vegetable?

Hmmm. My friend Greg is much smarter. He’d not only know this, but he'd probably also rattle
off the entire history of pumpkins in America and have some quote from TS Elliot to go along
with it! I think I remember learning somewhere that fruits have seeds, though, so I will guess

There you have it - a little Halloween-style peek into the life and mind of Roz Hart, main
character of Blind Spot.


Yes, Roz?

Which is it? Fruit or vegetable?

I’ll let you google that while people enter to win the bag of Blind Spot swag in the rafflecopter
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Thanks again Shari for hosting this stop of the Blind Spot blog tour Tomorrow, come by
Alluring Reads to view the reader nominees for a Blind Spot Dream Cast.
Anytime Laura!!!!

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  1. Love the Halloween-themed interview! And yay for Rob Zombie. :) Now I'm going to have to go google pumpkins... Thanks for sharing the interview & the chance to win!


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