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Guest Post by Jeff Bennington Author of Reunion - and Kindle Giveaway!

Welcome Jeff!
Hi Shari! Thank you so much for this opportunity to bring my supernatural thriller, Reunion, to your readers. Before I interview Nick Tooley, I want to inform your readers that I’m giving away a Kindle on May 15th to one luck Reunion blog tour follower. For details about the Kindle giveaway, go to

Interview with Nick Tooley: The CrAzY One
Jeff: Before I bring in Nick Tooley, I want to give you a little bit of background information about this guy. He’s one of the survivors from the school shooting in Crescent Falls. He’s tough. He’s outspoken, and he comes from a long line of football players. When he was in high school he was one of the school bullies...but everything changed the morning David Ray shot and killed several of his classmate.
Now without further ado, I’d like you to meet Nick Tooley! How are you, Nick?
Nick: Doing just fine.
J: So, Nick…it’s been twenty years since that tragic day. Are you ready for a reunion?
N: Me? Hell no!
J: Not interested in getting together with your old pals?
N: No…it’s not that.
J: Oh, okay. Would you mind if I asked what it is that would keep you from going?
N: Not at all; it’s—it’s the school. That—excuse me, building. There’s something in there…something evil.
J: Inside?
N: Yes
J: You mean it’s haunted?
N: Oh yeah! It’s haunted! I’ve seen that thing…whatever it is, looking out the window, staring at me, tempting me to come inside.
J: So you visit the school?
N: Yes.
J: Often?
N: ‘Bout every week?
J: Why?
N: I don’t know. To think I suppose.
J: What do you think about?
N: I’d rather not say.
J: Fair enough. But there’s something in the school that frightens you and still you go there? I’m confused.
N: Yeah, well, it’s hard to explain. I hate the school, but I need it. I need to remember and…and that’s all I’m going to say about that.
J: Okay. I understand. Would you like to talk about your brother? You’re a twin right?
N: Yes, I’m a twin, but I told you that I didn’t want to talk about him.
J: Oh, that’s right. I apologize for that. What about Kate, your wife? How does she feel about the reunion?
N: Don’t know. You’ll have to ask her. We don’t talk much lately.
J: I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything you’d like to say about that?
N: No. In fact, I’m done. I’ve got an appointment with my buddy Jack Daniels. Thanks for the chat, buddy.
J: Sure. Thanks for coming by, Nick. Take care… Nick Tooley, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you get a chance to see what’s troubling him in my supernatural thriller, Reunion. And a big thank you to Shari for having me!

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Thank you so much Jeff for stopping by and for the amazing give away.  Best of luck on Reunion, I know I loved it! You can see my review for Reunion here.  Good luck on winning that Kindle everyone!

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