Thursday, April 14, 2011

Third Line Thursday (12) Reunion


Author: Jeff Bennington
Third Line Thursday excerpt from page 138 according to my nook.

Peering through the fragmented edges of broken glass that remained on the outside door, he began to see an image take shape.  The glass appeared to have been heated and deformed, the texture and appearance of the glass like translucent sheared metal, crystalline in structure.  As his eyes focused, he thought he saw the glass take on the visage of anger.

My simple rules for Third Line Thursday are as follows: Pick up the book you are currently reading, go to chapter 3 or page 3 or any page or chapter with a 3(13, 23, ect.) then type in the third line (sentence) from that page. See simple!

Author Jeff Bennington will be guest posting here on April 27th.  If you haven't been following Jeff's blog tour you really should, he's giving one lucky winner a brand new Kindle. 

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