Thursday, March 1, 2012

Erratic Thinking on Thursday

For my first erratic thinking on Thursday I thought I would share some of my recent pictures from New York City. I just returned home Monday night so my brain is still half on vacation but I'm slowly getting back to reality!
This first picture is off the teen picks shelf at the giant Barnes & Noble in Union Square. I think this is probably my favorite Barnes & Noble EVER!

My daughter Jessica from Shut Up I'm Reading made it a priority that we stop in Books of Wonder and I'm so glad she did. Kids in NYC are so lucky to have such a magical book store to visit. This is just a picture of what I wrote on the table covered with a chalkboard table cloth in their adorable cafe. 

 This is the front of the New York Public Library. This place is huge and amazingly beautiful. 

This is one of the gorgeous pink marble lions that guard the library. Not sure if this one is Patience or Fortitude. 
This is my daughter Jessica in Central Park.

These are all from Central Park. I really fell in love with it there. It is a beautiful place. I wish we had had more time. We both talked about how great it would be to find some shade and read the day away. I now know why people who live in New York city never want to leave. We also spent a lot of time at the famous book store The Strand. We visited the MoMA, The Central Park Zoo, and we rode the Staten Island Ferry and saw The Statue of Liberty.  We are both looking forward to our next visit. Oh and we only brought one suitcase full of books home:)

Note: Erratic is defined as not even or regular in pattern or movement. Kind of like my thoughts most days. Fellow blogger Jessica over at a GREAT read does Random Thursday which is when she rants, raves or just discusses what strikes her fancy. I loved the idea so much I decided to do something similar here. 


  1. Yay! I love these pictures! =) I think the lion is my fave.

    1. Thanks Natasha
      I love the lion too! That library really is beautiful.


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