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Neurotic Thoughts - Foolish Games

Foolish Games
Author: Leah Spiegel
Release Date: 2011
Genre: YA/Adult Crossover Contemporary 
Published by: Createspace
Source: I won this copy from Leah Spiegel and  Book Whore for book club
Summary from Goodreads:

Falling in love was the last thing Joie had on her mind when she was thrown into the marketing scandal intended to boost the Grimm Brothers Band's declining sales. Joie thought she knew the players of the game; she was the writer, J.T. Hawkins was the famous rock star, and Lizzie was her beautiful cover to the world. That was until a psychopathic stalker, who seemed to be three steps ahead of everyone else and calling all the shots, upped the stakes. In a situation where many different kinds of games were being played, Joie had to figure out if or who was bluffing because her life. . . and her heart, might very well depend on it.

Foolish Games was a great read for me. It had everything! Super hot rock stars, mystery, suspense, best friends (both great and evil), life changing events, and lots of opportunities for three just graduated teens to become adults. Mix all that with an original (although slightly predictable) plot line and a romance almost every girl has dreamed of and you've got yourself one sweet treat. 

Joie and her friends Riley and Lizzie are following the Grimm Brothers Band around on their summer tour. Riley has been hired to write blog reviews of the band's shows. Joie has the transportation and a little cash that her father recently left her and Lizzie just happens to be dating one of the opening band members. After a not so nice run in with lead singer Hawkins, Joie writes a derogatory fake blog review about what an ass Hawkins is basically. Things happen and the fake review accidentally gets sent and published. This all kicks starts the beginning of Foolish Games. 

I was really enjoying reading a light hearted romance in the beginning of Foolish Games and then the book took a turn. A good turn. Things got kicked up a notch by crazy dude stalking the band and in all of the craziness he ends up stalking Joie and friends as well. 

Leah Spiegel did a great job of intertwining a romance with a suspense novel and even though I was pretty confident that I knew what was going to happen in the end, I had no idea of the roller coaster ride that I would be on to get to that ending. 

Even with all of the great twists and turns my favorite part of this book were the characters. What an amazing mix of people and emotions. The vulnerable rock star with a huge chip on his shoulder. Joie our main character who is just as vulnerable and has set up all of these walls to keep herself from ever being hurt again. The bitchy friend that you want to slap repeatedly. Riley, oh I can't say enough about Riley. He is always there for Joie with concern, honesty and a shoulder to lean on ( I loved him so much if you can't tell). 

Trying something new for me at the end of this review let me know what you think.

Plot: Unique and fun 
Characters: Amazing
Writing: A definite page turner
Ending: Slightly predictable, but awesome all the same
Kid Friendly: For a book about a bunch of older teens following a band around not as bad as you would think. Mentions of sex, drugs, and drinking but no overly descriptive scenes
Overall: A highly addictive, sweet romance with a touch of heart pounding suspense

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