Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Avengers! The Avengers!

AND..... Robert Downey Jr.

I'm so excited to be taking the kids to the midnight showing tonight. Not only is Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man my favorite hero, but this movie has Thor too! oooh yeah, uhmmm hummm! I'm afraid that the abundance of eye candy may be too much for me. You see, I am the woman that actually moaned during a scene of The Race To Witch Mountain. Now wait, before you judge. The scene had The Rock twisting something that needed to be twisted really hard and his arms bulged so big that I was completely unable to contain the moan. I've been known to get a little too into movies and shout out (there was an incident during Wall-E).  I figure there is no harm in sharing these moments with you, my readers, since my real life people won't let me live them down anyway. So tomorrow I will be right back here sharing how amazingly awesome The Avengers happened to be. You'll know if it was truly amazing by the amount of embarrassing moments I have during the movie. Yes, I am assuming a lot by exclaiming that the movie will be amazing before I have actually seen the movie, but with Joss Whedon directing there is no way it could be bad, right? I mean, did you see The Cabin in The Woods? Perfection!


  1. LOL! <3 I can't wait to see it! We should compare reviews. I'm sure I'll be staring and drooling the entire time.

  2. Just got back from the movie. Best super hero movie EVER!!!! Joss Whedon is THE MAN!


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