Monday, May 7, 2012

Neurotic Thoughts on The Avengers Movie


First just let me say....I WAS RIGHT! The Avengers was amazing!!! It was all I had hoped for and more. I am already making plans to see it again next weekend. So why was it amazing? What made it the best super hero movie ever? Well let me tell you.
  • Robert Downey Jr. =  incredible :) I knew he would be though. 
  • Thor... enough said!
  • I laughed! Not a just a little either I laughed a lot, but not in a "lost the super hero to comedy kind of way." 
  • The action was stellar, it was so well done that you never really lost sight of what was going on and there was A LOT going on at times!
  • I almost cried! Really the tears were there just waiting to fall.
  • I was finally able to fall in love the with The Hulk. Not a lot but still Hulk love, that's something.
  • The eye candy in that movie....scandalous! 
  • Black Widow ROCKED! (which I wasn't really expecting)
  • Unlike other super hero movies this one wasn't filmed so dark that I couldn't see it. I like being able to see my movie.
  • I was completely able to follow the story line. Joss Whedon you are my movie making hero this year!
I of course immediately pulled up IMDb after the movie and rated it 10 STARS. As I finally fell into bed at 4:30 that morning I was still thinking about all of the scenes that blew me away. The loss of sleep was SO worth it. Can't wait to see it again! 


  1. Saw it today and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! You're right on ALL of your points. I really enjoyed the comedy!!! Hulk smashing Loki = priceless haha

  2. YES! That scene was hilarious!

  3. I agree with you that the avengers are amazing!

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  4. LOL. <3 I can't see it until Friday. Can't wait! Mmm, Thor. Mmmm. ;) Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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