Monday, June 13, 2011

Neurotic Thoughts on Hammer of the Sun Chapter 1

Hammer of the Sun (Chapter 1)
Author: George Soriano
Released: May 18, 2011
Summary from Amazon

Kalen and Madison have a unique relationship.

Madison is a powerful, some say evil, being from earth’s ancient past. He has been reincarnated into the form of a teen aged girl.

Kalen is her present day guardian, charged with the responsibility of guiding her to the side of good. She doesn’t believe that Madison can ever be trusted or turned away from her evil past.

But as they battle increasingly stronger supernatural threats, Kalen sees that Madison may be earth’s last hope against a looming apocalypse.

"Hammer of the Sun - Chapter one" is the first chapter of an episodic novel that chronicles the trials of a reluctant hero on her march to redemption.

My Thoughts
Chapter One starts off with a bang!  Lots of great action, suspense, scary vamps, and just enough character development to make me want to read more.  Ah, more you say... but you shall have to wait.  This book is being released chapter by chapter kind of like your favorite t.v. show.  You'll get just enough to keep you wanting more.  I've never read a book this way, but I'm definitely looking forward to Chapter 2.  Grab Chapter one now at amazon You can also keep informed on the happenings of Hammer of the Sun at the blog.

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