Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Neurotic Thoughts on In Blackness

In Blackness
Author: U.L. Harper
Released: July 15, 2011
Genre: Young Adult Sci-fi/Horror
Pages: 286
Published:, Inc
ISBN: 1614344388
Source: Given to me for review from the author for a blog tour (Thank you U.L. Harper and Rebecca!)
Summary from Goodreads:

In the first book in this three part series, teenagers Lenny and Saline travel independently to their old home in Washington - Saline, with a mysterious Christian group, and, Lenny, desperately in the footsteps of his older sister. What they find on their individual journeys will change not just their lives forever, but the world as they know it. Meanwhile, their stepbrother, Dustin, is about to discover a secret that society can no longer hide, a secret that might cost everyone around him their lives.

                                                  I Really Liked This Book!

The description of this book is so amazing, it gives you just enough information to make you interested in reading it without giving anything away, and I mean ANYTHING! I was totally shocked, I'm still shocked. No wait, make that freaked out, disturbed, and very possibly traumatized. I know that I will be having nightmares for at least a week.

Now, I'm not going to give anything away because I want you to be as shocked as I was when you realize what's going on. Instead I'll tell you why I really enjoyed In Blackness. The first thing that drew me in was U.L. Harper's writing, it wasn't overly descriptive and I was able to learn about the story's surroundings by the characters dialog. I've always found that style of writing really easy and enjoyable to read. Usually when I read a book written in that style the story is a light,  fun read. In Blackness is definitely NOT a light, fun read. Instead it is a very thought provoking and disturbing read. It was great!

I'm so glad that I finished In Blackness during the day because if I had read this book before bed I would never have been able to sleep. I've been talking about this book to everyone I've seen since I finished it. It was just that kind of book. I can't imagine what is store for Lenny, Saline and Dustin in the next two books, but I can't wait to find out.


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