Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Is Pretty Cool! (9/18/2011) Book Necklaces

I love surfing the web for really neat looking book items and today I've stumbled on some pretty cool stuff on etsy. The first ones will be loved especially by Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fans. 

I really love this one it's just so neat and she hand makes the book locket with clay so each face is different. If you love this and want to take a look you can from right here
I'll be putting this on my wish list!

 This one is called Harry Potter's Firebolt broom

Dementor's Kiss

Once Upon a Time
I really like this one too!!! I'll be adding this one to my wish list too!

Alice in Wonderland inspired pocket watch ring or necklace. 
So cool! 

You can see all of these and more here!

side note: I do not know this person and will receive no monetary gain by you looking at or purchasing items from them. I just found these and thought they were cool!


  1. They all look so gorgeous! I especially adore the Once Upon a Time necklace,

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love them too! Her work is just gorgeous. Shari


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