Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Is Pretty Cool! (9/4/2011) Paperback scented colongne spray

I'm always on the look out for that fun or funky thing that my book loving friends and I will just love, or possibly just have to have. This week I've found one that makes me laugh. My daughter and I went back and forth for quite some time about whether or not to purchase ereaders. My daughters biggest reason NOT to was because she loves the smell of books. As soon as she is done reading the back of a book she opens it up, sticks her face in it, and takes a big whiff (no really, she totally does this). That's why today's "This Is Pretty Cool" feature is....
Paperback scent
For the reader who loves the musty smell of a bookstore filled with used, rare and antiquated books: Demeter Fragrance Library bottled it: cologne spray in "paperback" scent. ($20 for 1-ounce bottle,

That's right now you can spray the air, turn on your ereader, and feel like you are reading a real book!


  1. OMG...that is SO funny. $20 for an ounce is a bit much to spend for a gag gift...but I am so tempted to buy it for my husband and tell him that if he wants me to pay more attention to him, he just needs to spray a little of this on himself. Lol.

  2. Bev - What a great idea! Husbands everywhere will be rushing to get this for their ladies:) Thanks for stopping by Bev!

  3. That is so cool! I'm like your daughter - I LOVE the smell of books. LOVE it. Brings back so many memories and is just so comforting. Smells like home. Love that someone put that into a bottle of cologne!


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