Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Review: Love Remains by Kaye Dacus

Love Remains
Author:  Kaye Dacus
Released: August 2010
Published by: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Pages: 320
Target Age: Adult
Summary: taken from Shelfari
 Every grandmother wants to see her grandchildren happy, especially when it comes to their love lives. Join five active senior ladies—and one gentleman—who take a great interest in the lives and loves of their single grandchildren and become The Matchmakers. Zarah Mitchell and Bobby Patterson become the first focus of meddling grandmothers when he moves back to Nashville to work for the Tennessee Criminal Investigations Unit. Will Zarah be able to forgive the man who years ago chose a military career over her—especially when she learns he is investigating the historic preservation agency for which she works?

Love Remains is the very first Christian romance novel that I've ever read and I received it for review through one of my favorite sites  This book didn't blow me away but it was a decent story.  A few grandparents get together at church and decide that they need to get all of their grandchildren hitched because they are jealous that another ladies granddaughter is getting married.  They realize that they are being petty thinking this way and move on to the their plan anyway.  Zarah, Kiki's granddaughter is a very self depreciating character that sometimes annoyed me because she almost seemed to have no self worth. The strongest part of her character is her faith and thank goodness she has that. She works too much and she is still hung up on a guy from her past.  Bobby (Lindy's grandson) seems to be very much a gentleman and is still in love with Zarah even after 14 years apart, which is sweet. The grandparents only do minimal scheming to get these two together.   My favorite characters were actually Zarah's best friends: Patrick, Flannery, and Caylor. There is a little romance, a small mystery and a lot of story.  This book is the first in The Matchmakers series.


  1. Haha, this sounds like a really cute and funny story! Christian romance isn't really my thing, but I might check this out. Thanks for the review!

    Thanks for stopping by my site! I see you're doing the Gilmore Girls Challenge as well - I always love to meet fellow fans =)

    Happy Friday!


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