Monday, August 9, 2010

Book Review: Majix: Notes from a Serious Teen Witch by Douglas Rees

Majix: Notes from a Serious Teen Witch Author: Douglas Rees
Released: July 2010
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 192
Target Age: Young Adult (my opinion is younger Young Adult)

Summary from Barnes and Noble:
My name is Kestrel.

Kestrel Murphy.

Never call me Susan.

Who ever heard of a witch named Susan?

A year ago, I was on the white-magic side. Lately, I've been leaning toward the black. I blame the universe. What's the point in being a nice little white witch in the universe I've got? If I could choose my own universe, I'd be a white witch in it. But black makes a lot more sense in this universe.

Not that I'm complaining. A witch never complains. But if I did, I'd have a lot to complain about. For instance: Richard Milhous Nixon High.

What's a teen witch to do when she's stuck in the most unmagical high school in the universe? Create her own "majix." Take notes. And above all, avoid nasty classmates, heartless grown-ups and boys who may prove a little too distracting for a serious teen witch to handle….

This was a very charming story for the most part. Kestral's father has a massive heart attack and he feels that he needs peace and quiet to recover. This means that Kestral has to go live with her father's sister. The same sister that her father doesn't even really like. That was very strange to me, as a parent I would never send my kids off to someone I didn't like or respect. Especially since Aunt Ariel is a witch and Kestral's father doesn't believe in witches or witch craft, only science. Being sent away makes Kestral pretty angry with her parents, which I totally understand. Kestral is sure that she will hate living with her Aunt and at first she does. However Aunt Ariel is an amazing woman and witch, and teaches Kestral that being a witch doesn't necessarily mean what everyone thinks it means. I loved the characters in this book. Jose and his family are so cool and I love how close they all are. Aunt Ariel is exactly what an aunt should be. I loved the whole law of attraction feel of this story as well. A very feel good book.

Douglas Rees is a librarian who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also the author of Grandy Thaxter's Helper, Uncle Pirate and Uncle Pirate to the Rescue, as well as two novels for older readers, Lightning Time and Vampire High. Visit him online at

I received a review copy of this book through NetGalley. I received no compensation to read or review it.

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  1. This book sounds pretty interesting! I'm not sure if it's right for me, but I'll probably recommend it to my younger sister, who's 14 and enjoys stories that involve witches and magic. Thanks for the review :)


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